An online marketplace for local plants and foods.


FoodEMarket is an online marketplace designed to bring people together who are looking to replace plants and ingredients from across the country with plants and ingredients from across town.  We’re a place for local food producers, growers, community gardens and education centers to be seen by those who are demanding their product the most.

FoodEMarket is a response to the development of a fragile and unsustainable modern food system. Typical modern disconnected methods of food production and delivery are highly dependent on fossil fuels and long distances, producing an increasingly homogenous array of food products. These have been shown to have dubious and suspect ingredients that are providing us with less and less of the nourishment we need to be happily and healthily energetic and productive. We seek to combat these systemic issues in part by bringing together and strengthening the network of those seeking to grow and produce good food with those local culinary outlets that are now demanding this fresh, local and natural food for their menus and mouths. These outlets range from schools, day camps or churches to restaurants big and small.

WHY use FoodEMarket?

As a Farmer, Grower or Provider you can save time, money and energy. Avoid or supplement the time, energy and expense of using the Farmer’s Market model. List your food goods through us and then deliver directly to chefs and restaurants or have buyers and members pick-up. Leverage FoodEMarket as a marketing tool to more efficiently connect you to your clients.

As a Chef, you can save time, money and energy. Buy directly from your Farmer and have them deliver to you. Leverage FoodEMarket to more efficiently get your Farmer’s food into your kitchen.

You believe in delivering the highest quality and most nutritious food possible to your  diners, clients, campers, family members etc..

You’re interested in helping to build a more resilient and sustainable food system.

You’re interested in helping your community build more sustainable local businesses.

You want to limit your support of giant agribusiness mono-crop-model food systems driven by massive fossil fuel and pesticide/herbicide/gmo inputs and polluting by-products.



How It Works


Register (free) — As a Producer, you commit that you are producing your product in a natural or organic and sustainable manner. Producers are vetted by FoodEMarket to allow chefs and buyers to shop with confidence. Buyers are required to provide valid payment information upon order. Verifying both sides of the market helps to ensure the integrity of our market and its transactions.

Search (free) — Plug in what you’re looking for or your city. Results show you suppliers in your area that are looking to provide the fresh food product that you are looking for and the prices available in the marketplace. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know what you’re looking for. Part of our role is making sure Farmer’s know what local food chef’s want to work with.

Offer (free) — Create the market! Sellers create, or have us create, a listing for the products they specialize in so they can be seen by local buyers.

Buy/Sell (the goods aren’t always free:) — Click to buy and lock in your price, quantity and delivery date information.