An online marketplace for local plants and foods.


Do I have to pay to use FoodEMarket as a Buyer/Seller?
There is not a registration fee or subscription charge to use or access FoodEMarket listings.

How do I know I am buying from a real local farm?
When Sellers create listings for their food, they’re required to supply the business name in the state they’re registered and a tax ID number. FoodEMarket will verify their operation. We also encourage you Buyers to take time to visit your Farmer and get to know them and see their operation for yourself.

How does FoodEMarket make money?
Acting as ‘broker’ or ‘aggregator’, FoodEMarket charges 10% of the order value when a transaction takes place. Like in a real estate transaction, this is taken from the Seller’s proceeds.

How do I get paid as a Seller?
When you and the Buyer confirm that a successful delivery has taken place, FoodEMarket releases your funds.

How do I get my order?
It is up to the Seller that posted the food to arrange for delivery.

What if my order is never delivered?
If your Delivery date has passed and the Seller is non-reponsive, your money is refunded and the Seller is flagged for potential removal from the marketplace.

What if my delivery is refused by the Buyer?
By executing a purchase on FoodEMarket, Buyers have 48 hours to cancel that purchase. After that, Buyers will be charged, even if they elect to refuse delivery. If, at the time of Delivery, an order is refused for quality control or other reasons, FoodEMarket and the Buyer may work with the Seller to have that order replaced at the Seller’s expense. Buyer may be refunded if satisfactory arrangements cannot be reached. Seller may be flagged for potential removal from the marketplace.

What if I need to cancel an order?
By using the site and creating a post, Sellers agree that Buyers shall have 48 hours from initial purchase to cancel an order. Buyers agree that after 48 hours, they will be charged the full amount of the purchase. Given that inventories are finite and perishable, after 48 hours, cancellations and refunds will have to be approved by the Seller. If Sellers cannot agree to the cancellation, the Buyer will be charged the full amount of the purchase.

What if a Buyer refuses to confirm my Delivery?
If the Delivery date has passed and only the Seller has confirmed Delivery, FoodEmarket will work the Seller to contact the Buyer in order to complete the transaction and for the Seller to be paid. Buyer may be flagged for removal from the marketplace.

How do I ensure that the Buyer confirms my Delivery?
Eventually we’ll have an app for this. But in the meantime, we suggest that you instruct the Buyer to confirm the delivery via email to FoodEmarket when you’re on site making the delivery.